“The life of His Exalted Highness was very simple but dignified and attracted attention. He kept away from the artificiality of the world. He was not a hypocrite but was a portrait of culture and refinement. He was a shining example of Islamic toleration. He adhered strictly to religious fasts and prayers. He dedicated his life for the good of the people and enriched the quality of their lives.
The establishment of Osmania University was indeed a great educational and cultural achievement. By making Urdu the medium of instruction in the Osmania University, the Nizam wanted to free his people from the shackles of a foreign language. His Exalted Highness’s generosity was endless and there were no limitations to his large hearted generosity. His generosity crossed the lixnis of land of the Deccan and benefited people in the rest of lndia, and in Islamic countries.
The death of Mir Osman Ali Khan was not the mere death of a single person; he was an institution by himself and represented the best in Indian culture.
A man of ability and leamlng he was Sultan-ul-uloom ‘Absolute Monarch of Sciences’ in the real sense of the term. The obligation of a benefactor can only be paid back in exchange for his services. His rich traditions should be maintained. His qualities of head and heart and his noble principles must be fostered and adopted. Institutions should be established in his name. Efforts should be made to establish universities like Osmania, so that the memory of the great Patron should always be kept alive in the hearts of the people. At least our heartbeat should feel that the name of our patron is alive and will continue to be alive.

Don’t ever ask me how correct is that…Yes, he was famous for his munificence and exemplary vision like setting up the Deccan Airways, Deccan Radio, Osmania University and what not, but he is to go down into history only for the chaos at integration of Hyderabad, whether by will, none is sure, but by Yamashita Doctrine, surely yes.