If you traverse the road of love,
Don’t yearn to seek repose or rest
If Laila be your companion close
That litter shun with great contempt.

O steamlet, onward flow and get
Transformed to torrent strong and deep
If bank is e’er on you bestowed.
Abstain, flow on with mighty sweep.

Don’t lose your bearings in this world
Because with idols it is full:
The assemblage here can cast a spell,
Disdain, or strings of heart shall pull.

Gabriel on Creation’s Early Morn,
A piece of useful counsel gave
He bade me not accept a heart
Enchained by mind of man like slave.

Untruth conceals in various masks
But Truth and God are both unique
There can’t be pool ‘twixt good and bad
This fact is known from times antique.