Tokyo, the 16th November 1943.

His Excellency the Foreign Minister of the USSR.

Your Excellency,

I have the honour to inform Your Excellency that in accordance with the Will of all the freedom – loving Indians in India and abroad – and with the fullest support of all Indians residing in East Asia who number close upon three millions, and of their political organisation, The Indian Independence League as well as with the backing of the Indian National Army now stationed in East Asia – The provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free India) was established on the 21st of October 1943, with its Headquarters temporarily at Syonan or Singapore.

In communicating this information to Your Excellency, I avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere desire that there should exist between our two Governments and our two nations the most cordial relations of amity and friendship.

I also take this opportunity of assuring Your Excellency of my warmest esteem.

Yours respectfully,

Head of the State, Prime Minister
& Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind.

(Provisional Government of the Independent India)

Hotel Imperial, Tokyo
Monday, November, 20, 1944

To His Excellency Ambassador of the Soviet Union, Tokyo

Your Excellency,

Now, when I am in Tokyo, I would like to use this opportunity to see your Excellency. Looking for this, I put a task in front of myself to find through your Excellency a support of the Soviet Government in the struggle of India for its independence.

2. The fact, that now we have close connections with Axis powers in our common struggle against British and Americans does not stop me. I am happy to say that Axis powers have a very clear idea about the peculiarity of problem of India and they have kindly recognized the Azad Hind (Independent India) Provisional Government. We are very thankful for it. Besides Japan, whose relationship with the Soviet Union has strictly neutral character, even the Government of Germany has understood in full and appreciated the fact, that we, the Hindu, were interested only in actions against England and America. The Government of Germany also understood and appreciated the fact that we were not interested in the actions against the Soviet Russia. In reality, the activity of my organization in Europe was only against England and America, but not against the Soviet Russia. It was lying in the base of our co-operation with Axis powers in Europe and in this connection we have the full understanding and approval from the side of the German Government and Fascist Italian Government.

3. I know, that there is an alliance between the Soviet Government and Governments of the England and USA now. But I am quite well understand the international policy to see that it can not prevent the Soviet Government from rendering us a support in our struggle for independence. With gratitude I recall the assistance rendered to me by the Soviet Government after I left India in 1941. I conveyed my gratitude for this to his Excellency Mr. Molotov, Minister of External Affairs, in my letter sent from Berlin, which, I hope, was received by him in a proper way.

4. During his life Lenin always from the bottom of his heart supported colonial countries in their struggle for independence. It also gives me an impulse. As I know, after Lenin”s death the Soviet Government has not changed its policy concerning problems of subjugation of such countries as India at all.

5. As far as my party concerned-Progressive bloc, – I can say, that at time when the Soviet foreign policy in Europe was blamed by approximately all parties of India in 1939-1940, we were the only people who openly supported the Soviet foreign police towards Germany and Finland. What is more, we belong to the left wing of the national movement in India and we have the most progressive views on social and economic problems. Going on, our party is the only one party in India, which up to the present day is carrying on uncompromising struggle against the British imperialism in collaboration with some other revolutionary groups.

6. I would like very much to see Your Excellency and to find with the help of Your Excellency a support of the Soviet Government in our struggle for independence. As far as the type of assistance, which the Soviet Government can render to us, is concerned, that is such question which should be settled down by the Soviet Government in connection with the present military situation. I would like only to add, that we are full of determination to make India absolutely free and those Governments who have recognized the Provisional Government of Independent India unconditionally agree with us in this question. I would like to assure you, Your Excellency, in my highest respect to you and hope to get your response soon.

Still sincerely yours,