A Series of Articles over 1857 revolt…

This newspaper, which published the proclamation of Bahadur Shah Zafar in full along with many flaming articles and made Lord Canning give out his Gagging Order, was published from Delhi in Lithopress in Hindi and Urdu. The formal editor was Mirza Bedar Bhakt, a member of the Mughal royal family while the actual moving force was Azimullah Khan of Nana Saheb’s court. It was started from Feb 1857 and openly supported the rebels from May 1857. It’s Marathi edition started in Sep 1857 from Jhansi. The French printing press which Azimullah Khan brought during his European delegation of 1854 which was used for this purpose.
Bedar Bhakt was brutally tortured, forced to eat pig’s flesh before being hanged while Azimullah Khan died as a fugitive in Nepal.
The repression over this paper was such severe that the only known copies of this newspaper exist in British Library and whoever possessed a copy of the newspaper was hanged.