The top headlines of the previous day –
1. The ever ubiquitous Telangana issue – this time, the ruckus is in the Rajya Sabha. Someone manhandles someone in the parliament and when the acting speaker reprimanded him, he apologized and all is well. No mishaps though. Let’s see what’s going to happen there for BJP is trying to be a belligerent. Parallel to this, the CM of Andhra resigned finally. Someone commented, he played till the last ball only to be out for a duck.
2. Half naked protests of the legislators in UP. Whether it be a political stunt or a genuine issue, why is the government giving the opposition a chance? Why is it not proactively involved in solving public issues?
3. An MLA slaps a marshal in J&K Assembly when being led out of the hall forcibly. Is this what we expect of our legislators? If the marshal is wrong, is there no legal recourse? If the MLA is wrong, what’s he going to get?
4. Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers to life sentence. Tamil Nadu government gives an ultimatum to the centre to decide on their fate in three days, else they will be released. Why is a person, who was given a death sentence more than a decade ago still alive? Why is the machinery that slow? There are two aspects here – anyways, they are going to be hanged. What’s the difference if they are hanged late or early? Other is that, if a person awarded death sentence but is eternally waiting(eternally here should be something more than three or four years) for his sentence to be carried out, are we to change his sentence due to the laxness of the government in implementing it? In this particular case, LTTE is gone and even if they are released, what’s going to happen to the country? I am not sure who is more interested in keeping them alive – the machinery for not taking decisions on time or the Tamil Nadu government for whom this is a very sensitive issue.
5. Rome is jumping up and down over the marines issue. Yes, the way India behaved is commendable in forcing Rome to hand over the convicts even after the government declared they will not be sent back to India. Till then, all is fine. The case is clear cut here – India made the world accept that the killings happened in Indian territorial waters and that the persons killed were Indian citizens without any history of piracy or such while Italy argues it happened in international waters and that it’s mistaken attack. This proves that the killings happened for sure and everyone accepts that. Then where’s the delay in declaring the justice? What else is needed for the Court bench and the Centre Government to close the case? Proof that the killings happened – take the public statement of Italian government officials, proof that it happened in India – take the public statement of Indian External Affairs Ministry. Let the Supreme Court itself grant him death sentence with a rider that since this may impact Indian Foreign Relations, the government to decide whether to give them a death sentence or a life sentence. End of story. How long will this take? Two days? Three days? This delay is giving more ammunition to Italy to make much noise and slowly collect and raise voice against India as what happened today when Italy is trying to escalate the issue at least till Commonwealth level.