Life is with threatening dangers fraught;
The path of Duty’s rugged, steep:
Above, the starry realm of hope;
Below, the dark and stormy deep!

Who toils with patience up the height
With soul untired, undaunted will,-
With Faith to hold his trembling hand,
With Truth to guard his footsteps still-

What though with faltering steps he move,
He needs must reach the promised goal
Where Honour binds the victor’s brow
And Virtue crowns the hero’s soul.

But he who loiters by the way,
Attracted by some foolish toy,
Or wearied by the vain pursuit
Of some fond whim, some fickle joy-

Not his the nerve nor will to brave
Unmoved the fitful gales that blow;
His tottering footsteps leave their hold –
He’s hurled into the gulf below!