The client says, I will come for a floor walkthrough on a Friday. Below are the things which are done to welcome her.
1. Identify a list of questions which should be asked as on the spot questions when the client asks for any questions. The associates are sufficiently grilled to tell ask the questions with the right level of enthusiasm and at the oppurtune time. No cross-questioning at the time of the questionnaire is allowed.
2. Even though the associates are given freedom to come in casuals on a Friday, send a notification to come only in business formals.
3. Atleast some of the leading personages of the relationship are expected to go and welcome the client at the airport, accompany them to the hotel and to the workplace.
4. Decorate the building to welcome the ‘auspicious’ entry. This can vary from decorating the cubicles to lighting lamps to placing cutouts to displaying the welcome note in rose petals and what not.
5. Finally, the client comes. All the senior members are expected to herd at the entrance to welcome the client.
6. That done, take the client to a poster or something which takes a roadmap. One will explain it and the rest will fight among themselves to introduce themselves to the client. Only the victors survive and the rest are trashed.
7. Then introduce the employees. It doesn’t matter, how many times the client comes, the same faces are introduced.
8. Then a small speech by the client eulogizing the commitment shown by the team.
9. Then the question hour. The associates are trained as parrots.
10. Then, a meeting with the higher management which contains mainly presentations regarding achievements.
11. Then the client leaves. This is followed by a nice guided city tour and a sumptuous meal at the best of the hotels.
Only thing which defies logic is, is it worth the beating self respect is taking because of this?