The only dimensions of space which we know is the geometric axes of length, width and height and possibly the concept of time as the fourth dimension. I donot remeber it correctly, but there’s a diagram in the Brief History of Time which shows up the time funnel in the past and future for which we can have a visibility. Anything outside the funnel is invisible to us, whatever happens.
We can have multiple ways to deal with this –
Level 1: There is no way I can look into the future. Past, I have seen it and I can bring it forward from my memory. As time progresses or if I die, the chance that the past I know will fade out.
Level 2: As a cartoon character said, the future is like strings going ahead, I can see those strings and where they lead to, but cannot influence what’s on the other side of the string. This means, I have got the capability to see the future, but I cannot influence it.
Level 3: I can see into the future and I am capable enough to modify it. Possibly, one way to do this is the hypothetical Event Horizon where space warp because of extreme gravity inside a black hole results in the fact that there is no concept of space or time. To put in layman’s terms, take a sheet of paper. Draw a line across the diagonal of the sheet. Let’s say it’s the X-axis. Now, fold the paper such that both the ends meet. Effectively, what we did here is we are making two geometric co-ordinates the same by overlapping them on one another. That is, distance between any two points on the paper is zero. If this is possible on a piece of paper, this is theoretically possible in all the dimensions available assuming we have got the sufficient force to influence this. By using this, we are simply erasing the difference between any two places or past and future. This is one of those umpteen ways for instantaneous travel or time travel.
On top of this, can we have another dimension – time dilation? That is, is it possible for us to have multiple dimensions of space-time where the speed of time is different? Let’s say, there are two parallel universes where 1 second in our timeframe equals one second in one and one second equals one minutes in another? If this is possible, will it be a fluid border gradually increasing in dilation or will it be a clear cut partition between two of those universes? Can some of those universes be populated? If yes, is there any way we can move across these multiple space-time universes? Is it possible that the Indians identified fourteen such dimensions with different dilation schemes and arranged them in sequence? Take the case of King Raivata. What is said is he spent a few minutes in the Satya Loka, the abode of Brahma and when he is back to his original dimension, the time past was in hundreds of thousands of years. Going by the same analogy, the hell is situated at the bottom. If the punishment meted out is in times of our timeframe or that of Satya Loka, a person is expected to run non stop for ten thousand years instead of one minute. And, if a person is capable of shuffling between different dimensions, does that mean he has got the sufficient resources to do this? I don’t know if this has got an answer or if someone will be capable of giving an answer to this.