1. Everything was washed away, except the temple structure.
2. Leapords feasting on the dead bodies, and people fearing their turning into man eaters
3. Kedarnath Bank branch of Kedarnath is washed away along with 5 crores of rupees of cash which is seen floating on water and people are arrested with that money
4. The so called ‘Rambo’ act of Narendra Modi and the absence of Rahul Gandhi
5. 400 ponies used for carrying the piligrims, tied at the stables go missing in the floods
6. Moving of the statue of goddess Dhari Devi and it’s link to the disaster
7. Accolades to the army and brick bats to the government
8. The free for all brawl involving TDP and Congress regarding who will cart out the trapped out of Dehra Dun
9. Vageshling, a priest braving the flood to get the idol of Bhogamurti of Kedarnath and taking it to the temple at Ukhimath and ensuring that worship is not broken even in this scale of calamity
10. Cost of a packet of biscuts shoots up to 200 from 5 and water to 100 from 15 as people find an oppurtunity to loot.