7:46 West Drayton-9:57 Brockenhurst. Ticket cost – £46.90(2 persons)
Journey route – West Drayton-Reading-Basingstoke-Winchester-Southampton-Ashurst-Beaulieu Road-Brockenhurst
Things to do:
1. There are two open top bus routes operating from 30 Jun to 16 Sep. Ticket cost combined – £11 p.h. Just to say that it’s not worth the money. It will give nothing except bone chills and pathetic views. It’s just dull and drab scenary. Not sure how it looks during the fall. But, both the routes combined, will give you a full overview of the forest. (http://www.thenewforesttour.info/)
2. The only animals you see are horses and rarely deer.
3. You can try Exbury Gardens in the correct season. Check what happens there before you reach. However, I am not sure of any cheaper way than using the tour bus.
4. Take a five or six kilometre walk. Just don’t get lost as what I did. I started from the junction of B3056(Beaulieu Road) and A35(to Ashurst) in Lyndhurst aiming to reach Ashurst via Bolton’s Bench, but instead, I turned up in Beaulieu Road, having a nice walk of some 4.5 miles, which, surprisingly, was not hectic. One possible route to take is get down at Brockenhurst, walk all the way till Ashurst(some 8.5 miles), take a train to Southampton and back home. Use the link http://news.bbc.co.uk/dna/place-lancashire/plain/A30560979 as a reference
5. Pitch a tent if you feel like it.
6. Lyndhurst high street has got some nice shops, mainly, antiques.
7. Don’t ever go to Beaulieu Road railway station. On a Saturday, the last train is at 5:30 to Ashurst and 7:30 to Brockenhurst. There are no taxis, no buses(except New Forest Tour Bus), there is no ticket vending machine even. You’ll have to buy a permit to travel ticket and then pay the difference at the destination. God save you if you don’t have coins with you. It’s in the middle of nowhere. If you are somewhere in the vicinity and feel lost, better go to Ashurst or Brockenhurst instead of going there.
8. Check if there is any possibility to get down at Salisbury, see the Cathedral and then Stonehenge from the main road, come down to Ashurst by some 11 or 12, take the walk from Ashurst.