A free translation of the above where Sri Krishnadeva Raya tells how the lord Srikakula Andhra Maha Vishnu appeared before him in his dreams. The Telugu poem is a classic, but without a dictionary, it’s hard to understand more than half of it. This is but one verse(canto 1, verse 12) out of around 700-80 verses of the poem.

Capable of outclassing the sheen of the black clouds with his body colour,
With eyes capable of breaking the pride of the petals of a lotus,
With finely woven clothes outshining the golden brightness of Garuda,
With the Kaustubha even brighter than the rays of the rising sun,
With lotus in one hand and the other, granting assurance,
With the delicate form of the poverty destroying Lakshmi beside him,
The lord appeared before me with a smile of divine grace to speak

1. Lord Vishnu is depicted as pitch black in colour
2. Garuda, an eagle, considered as the lord of birds in Hinduism, is the mount of Lord Vishnu
3. Lakshmi is his consort, the goddess of wealth
4. Kaustubha is a gemstone which is in posession of Lord Vishnu

Note: This poem is also present in Allasani Peddana’s Manucharitra. Who wrote the original and who liked and copied it?