Ticket 1: West Drayton to Didcot Parkway – £9.2 p.h.
Ticket 2: Didcot Parkway to Bristol Temple Meads – £21.00 p.h.
Two different tickets because network rail discount is applicable only for the first leg. Else, the total fare comes to around £45.00 p.h.
On the route from Didcot to Swindon, on your left side(in the direction of travel), Uffington White Horse will be visible in a distance. The only indications you have is a hunch that there is a white streak on a green hill. You can’t see it clearly with naked eye, but zoom it, it’ll be clear. The angle is very good.
Aim to reach Bath by 9:00 AM(7:06 to Reading, 7:47 from Reading to Bath Spa)
Get a walking guide from the station itself. The one I took is Walkabout Easy Map and Guide to Bath. There’s no need of a one day tour.
Places to see –
1. Roman Bath and Pump Museum. I am not interested personally into this. £15.75(including Fashion Museum) as ticket is too much.
2. Thermae Bath Spa. Not interested here as well. Go back to India for some Keralite Ayurvedic Treatment. That’s much worth the money I believe.
3. Queen Square
4. Georgian Garden – not worth a visit, but you’ll visit just because it’s in the path
5. Royal Crescent. Instead of Number One Royal Crescent, prefer Georgian House in Bristol. Atleast, Bristol one is free.
6. Circus
7. Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum – Go inside only if you are a member of National Trust. It’s not worth the ticket price. Probably, you may see only the Assembly Halls for a lesser price(£2.00 p.h.)
8. Don’t go to Bath Aqua Theatre of Glass. Instead, visit the one at Alum Bay in Isle of Wight.
9. Postal Museum. It’s worth a visit. Ticket – £3.50 p.h. There are some cheap stamps for collectors as well.
10. Medieval walls is trash.
11. Corridor
12. Guildhall
13. Market
14. Pulteney Bridge – the view is very good from the Parade Gardens(£1.20 p.h.) The place is a very photogenic spot.
15. Sally Lunn’s – from outside
16. Bath Abbey. Be there the first thing in the trip. Else, you won’t have space to take a photograph.
17. Any other museums not mentioned, I believe, you will have equivalents or better things in London
If you go by this, you will be done with Bath by 12 PM. Catch a train from Bath to Bristol Temple Meads. Travel time – 15-25 min.
In Bristol:
Take a one day pass – Zone 1 & Zone 2. Off-Peak – £4.00 p.h.
Since you are reaching Bristol by noon, plan to see those things which close early. The architecture in Bristol is very nice to see, better than Bath, Oxford or even Edinburgh. Probably it’s well maintained there than the rest or whatever.
1. Take a bus to the city centre.
2. Nelson Street in Bristol city centre – street art
3. From there, walk till @ Bristol by the water side. Tourist Information Centre is enroute. Pero’s Bridge is a thing to look at.
4. First take a bus till the opposite side of the river for SS Great Britan. Don’t think there’s any need to go inside.
5. Come back to A Bristol Bus Stop where you caught the bus. Cross the road into the lane for Bristol Cathedral. It’s good to look. Before it, there’s a statue of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, don’t know why. Walk straight ahead till you find a bus stop to catch Bus 8 for Clifton Suspension Bridge.
6. Clifton Suspension Bridge, Leigh Woods. Take bus no 8 to Clifton, get down there and walk towards the bridge. The directions are misleading in the bus. If you are not sure, ask the driver. Thing to note in the bus journey is the city architecture.
7. The Georgian House Museum, Great George Street – Free 10:30 to 4
8. The Red Lodge Museum, Park Row – Free 10:30 to 4
9. If there is time still, try for a boat trip.
Try to take the 19:30 return from Bristol. You’ll reach West Drayton by 21:15