Ticket: London One Day Tube and Train Pass – £11.20 for two persons
West Drayton – Paddington – Tower Hill
Go to Tower of London by Historic Royal Palaces Membership or by Network Rail 2 for 1
There are some nice paintings in the way from the station into the Tower.
Main things there – a cursory glance at the ravens, the Crown Jewels and an idle stroll covering the museum, White Tower and ramparts. If you are in time for a guided walk with a Warden, go for it. It’s worth the time.
Once done, walk by the river side to the Monument. Climb only if you are capable, but the view from the top is worth the effort. There are around 300 steps in the tower. Cost – £3.00(Network Rail 2 for 1).
If you are still capable, cross London Bridge, walk back to the Tower Bridge and back to Tower of London Railway station. There are some nice views for photographs there. Some other places of note there – Roman Wall and the park around there, the sun dial and a nice building there to see from outside, Sweden House or something by name, in the back alleys, you’ll find the location of the original headquarters of East India Company.