Ticket: London One Day Tube and Train Pass – £11.20 for two persons
Get down at Finchley Road Station(Metropolitan Line from Uxbridge)
Follow the markers to Freud Museum. Address is 20 Maresfield Gardens. It’s worth a visit. Ticket cost – £6.00 p.h.
Come outside, take bus number 268 to Jack Straw Castle and 210 from there to Kenwood House for Hampstead Heath. Entry is free for the House. Roam around in the house and the gardens and go towards Parliament Hill. Ensure that your detour involves the ponds in the heath. After you are done with everything in the heath, walk towards the Parliament Hill and go down the hill towards Gospel Oak or Hampstead Heath Stations.
If you are interested, you can go to Highgate Cemetery for Karl Marx’s Grave(C11 from Hampstead Heath via Gospel Oak. Bus stop – Chester Road Raydon Street).
From Gospel Oak, take the train to Barking and get down at Crouch Hill. Walk onto the main road to take the bus W3 towards Northumberland Park and get down on the hill once Alexandra Palace is in view. It’s a photogenic spot and night time views of the city are very good. There’s nothing exceptional though. If you still have time, foray into Central London.