Again, the chaos of the Telangana Movement is at our door steps. What is the need for a separate state, what are the merits and demerits is a different story. Had the government responded rationally, would what happened today have happened? First of all, the government agrees for the march. And on the exact day, what we see is a complete blockade and preventive arrests by the police. Is this how we expect our government to behave? There are two arguments here. First, you say, the government sponsored the blockade. If that is the case, does the government have a moral right to rule after breaking a public promise? Second, the police deparment did not care the government orders and did whatever it liked. If that is the case, why wasn’t the police head at the field not suspended?
Two years is too much to bring forward a decision. Everyone knows, even if you wait for a century, no concensus is going to come. If the centre dilly dallys with the issue, just treating it as an electoral agenda and not focusing either on the problem or on the solution, far worse is yet to be seen. People haven’t forgotten the trauma of 1969. The actual commitment of the Congress leaders will be seen in the net few days. And we expect nothing to be done by them. Today they say, we resign and after two days, the story is normal. We have seen this many times till now.
What we need, is not Telangana, but a solution to the problem. Option one, split the state into two and then let’s addresss the issues. Option two, crush the moment with martial law and then seriously work to bridge the differences. If you crush the issue and not address the issue, we are going to see a repetition of the issue again.
Naturally, I being from Warangal, want the state to be split. What I saw in my vicinity is bad on the absolute terms and one solution is to localize the development.
A few observations worth noting –
1. What happened to the so-called Gentleman’s Agreement?
2. We had a daily labourer once in our house. He has got some 5 acres of land in interior Warangal. What he said, some fifteen years before, and which I still remember is he’ll get more money working as a manual labour than by tilling his land. Why did he say so and who is responsible for what he said?
3. Dust up your history books and tell me when did Telangana and Andhra exist as a single state in the past 1500 years. Borders fluctuated but the divide always existed. Chalukya/Pallava-Chola, Kakatiya(United for 125 years), Bijapur/Vijayanagar, Nizam/British. When did we have a unification to have a common culture, even if the language is same?
4. It’s nearing sixty years when the states merged. If the government is hell bent on keeping the state united, why do we still hear the words Telangana and Andhra and the difference in development? Why didn’t the governemnts ensure that this difference is erased? Instead, what we see is regular turbulance fomented by someone or the other in the name of Telangana.
5. Put a referendum in the state. Below should be the questions –
a. I am in favour of separate Telangana
b. I am against
c. I don’t care
If your option is b, answer the below
i. I am from Krishna-Godavari Basin
ii.I have properties both outside Telangana and in Hyderabad.
iii. None of the above
No more arguments, just get me the statistics for this. And my belief is atleast 70-80% of those opposing will fit into b-i and b-ii. And they are the politicians, relators and industrialists with considerable clout in the state. If yes, are you opposing Telangana because the value of your property will go down? Then there’s nothing left to talk with you.
6. The zonal system created in the state. If a person wants to come to Hyderabad from a zone, he is permitted. But inter zone movements are prohibited. Consequence, everyone wants to come to Hyderabad and none wants to go back when the time comes, if at all.
7. Coming to the argument of smaller states. Telangana, if split, will be the 12th largest state in the country. There will be still 15 states smaller than that. If you want larger states, why not combine smaller ones like Bihar and Jharkhand or Uttaranchal and Haryana?
8. Why is it that Telangana Liberation day an official holiday in Karnataka and Maharashtra but not in Andhra Pradesh?
9. Take the case of Prakasam or Potti Sriramulu. Accepted that they are freedom fighters of renown and people should remember them. But what have they got to do with Hyderabad? One was a chief minister of Andhra State and the other helped form the state, carving it out from Madras. Prakasam may have played some role in Hyderabad, but is it much greater than that of Suravaram Pratap Reddy or Ramananda Teerths? Why slight something from Telangana and harp on someone who hasn’t got nothing to do for the state? Tell me, which text book names Moin Nawaz Jung or Pingle Venkatram Reddy, two or the Nizam’s delegates to UN or about the massacre at Bairanpalli?

Some straightforward solutions for this, but which require a hectic political will –
1. Congress said in it’s election manifesto in 2004 that it’ll create Telangana if it comes to power. But it broke the promise. Why is it that if someone lies before the court and is charged under perjury while if someone lies in public and not charged? DOn’t we have any punishments for this?
2. Congress and BJP are national parties talking about the country as a whole unlike TDP or DMK, which focus on the issues in their areas. Why can’t we simply see that a national party doesn’t form state governements? Let a local parts focus on local issues and let a national party focus on issues ranging multiple states.
3. If you want an integrated state without the talk of Telangana and Andhra, the rule should be no one should stay in a zone for more than 10 years. Let the person from Warangal settle in Vizag and the person from Guntur settle in Chittoor.
4. The root cause of the problem of Telangana is it was backward 50 years before and it is still backward. Yes, there are pockets in the state which fare the same or evev worse. I can talk of Markapur, I can talk of Anantapur and many such. Instead of talking at Telangana level, talk at the district level. Bring out an index of say 100 variables like % of metalled roads, infant mortality, crop output per hectare and so on, rank the districts and then try to bridge the gaps. The government must be sincere in producing this report every year or every two years and the differences should go down year by year.
5. Majority of the Telangana leaders from TRS and Congress are incapable of standing upto their promise of not getting the state split. Why do I need someone who is incapable to lead me? Can’t we have a recall facility for non performing legislators?
6. The responsibility of the MLA of Tadipatri or Markapur is to develop his constituency. Then, why are they having immovable properties outside their constituencies, let it be in Hyderabad, where government gives them quarters to live or elsewhere.