I get a new cube of sugar from my dad
Every time at the end of the older’s road
I drop my cube into a jug of water
Something always makes it to disappear
Just like the new year which does the same
With prefect precision again and again

Just like my innocent cube of sugar
Mingling itself in the eternity of water
Slowly and steadily, but without a stop,
Mixing it’s essence into the limpid waters
As it melts on and on and on
The new year dissolves itself continually,
Into the unyielding eternity of time
Taking with it all the worries and desires
As time passes on and on and on

The same monotonous showdown I see
A butterfly effect, a logic less juggernaut
Just as what Keats mused one day:
Men may come, men may go
But the brook flows on forever,
Years come and go and come and go,
But the time flows on forever
Waiting for none, neither you nor me

I get happy as I get my new cube of sugar:
As time passes, as it disappears,
I get sadder and sadder and sadder…
The same way with my new year:
A new year comes full of joy and dreams,
Leaving all the previous tensions aside
And unfulfilled dreams along the path,
But as time passes, as it disappears,
I get duller and duller and duller…

The gleam of light at the end of path,
Which never fails me is always there,
Another cube of sugar, another jug of water,
The fresh unerring hope of a new year,
Fresh with it’s joys and dreams and sorrows…