July 11: Someone accuses a lady athlete by name Pinky Pramanik, a winner of international gold, of rape, alleging that she is a male. She is arrested and is kept in prison as an undertrial for 25 days before released on bail. Is it such hard for the courts and government to determine the gender of a human being? Asking her to strip in private before a lady doctor in the court would have determined her gender then and there. For this, do you need twenty five days as an undertrial in prison and god knows how long as undertrial on bail? If this is the pace of justice, what are we expecting in this country?
July 10: The Home Minister of India says ‘You are prepared to pay Rs 15 for a bottle of water, but we will not pay a one rupee increase in the price of kilo rice or kilo wheat. We are prepared to pay 20 rupees for ice cream cone but we will not pay one rupee more for a kilo rice or kilo wheat’. No more comments. The slug fest starts. What these people should understand is sitting in an AC cubicle in distant Delhi busy in your armchair punditry while the fruits of your misgovernance are resonant in the inaccessible jungles of central India are not going to solve the problems in the country.
July 8: Time Magazine says the Prime Minister is an underperformer since he is reluctant to take up the reforms. It said everything about him – he is incapable of taming corruption, incapable of controlling his government, India’s fiscal deficit, India’s high inflation and what not. Congress comes to it’s rescue and the opposition gets a chance to take the potshots.
11 July: The Director General of Civil Aviation of India is sacked as what the government’s opponents say or is terminated from service as his extension is not valid, as the government says. Supposed reason is he signed an order to revoke the license of Kingfisher Airlines due to it’s under performance and the airplane lobby didn’t like it.
6 July: Two memoirs have come in quick succession which effectively said PV didn’t care when Babri Masjid was demolished. Arjun Singh makes it a blashpemy to criticize the Congress Royal Family while Kuldip Nayyar says he was busy praying when the mosque came down. Only thing here is there is no one of political stature available to defend this astute politician whose main contribution to India is today’s India, which would have crumbled to dust if he hadn’t been the prime minister in those five years even if may be a corrupt, devious politician.
11 July: Another slugfest is going on with vigour between the two presidential candidates. Pranab Mukherjee is confident of victory, while Sangma first tried to prove Pranab’s nomination illegal citing holding offices of profit and then saying it’s the retirement benifit for the failed Finance Minister. Sangma is trying to woo votes saying vote this tribal for a change and not trying to woo by showing his credentials and capabilities. Pranab Mukherjee is comparitively silent, confident of his victory. This is the most recent tidbit – Sangma siad – “The Raisina Hill is being used as a dumping ground for the failed Finance Minister,”