A retired chief of Indian Army alleges that a bribe of 14 crores was offered to him in a military deal.

Jaswant Singh, BJP
“I have known the Defence Minister longer than I have known the Army Chief. AK Antony specialises in the art of indecision. His style of functioning is one of silence, inaction and indecisiveness. The consequences of this will have to be borne by the armed forced. The Ministry of Defence cannot function like this
“Taking a decision is the most difficult task for him,”
“I am disappointed that he (Singh) came directly to the press, but did he do this after disappointment,”

Manish Tiwari,Congress
“It is really unfortunate. Being a government official and head of the Indian Army, he should have registered an FIR if someone came to him and offered a bribe,”

Why is he telling all these things now? What was he doing all along in the past? How come somebody has approached a general and tried to bribe him. When he can go to the Supreme Court for his age row, why could he not tell this information to the country? These are all genuine issues, which the general should answer.

OK we have heard your views. One blames the the messenger, one blames the government, but did anyone think of giving a solution for this problem? Blame Anna Hazare or whoever you like for highhandedness, but the people are waiting for answers here and they will follow the likes as their presence gives a higher chance to clean up the issue.