is considered to be the primary communication channel for all research activities in particle physics. The following open questions are posted on their site as a phamphlet. I am using my own language to elaborate them. It’s worth knowing the basic background behind each of these.
1. The scientists are unable to find where all the anti-matter has gone. Can neutrinos hold an answer to this?
2. First of all, what is anti-matter and where is it?
3. What is this dark energy because of which all the astronomical bodies are moving away from each other with increased velocity?
4. What is mass and how is it created? Are Higgs particles an answer for this?
5. Big bang occured and hence the universe. But, what is the mechanics behind the trajectory of each individual particle?
6. Everyday, we will be seeing some unexpected result out of an experiment – it can be an abberration, overlooked variable and so on. Can we guess what patterns or surprises herald the next major breakthrough?
7. What is dark matter?
8. How many dimensions do we have? Three? Four? Nine?
9. What is the Grand Unified Theory which will fit everything into place and how are we going to aim for it?