Long long ago, there lived a farmer. He had seven sons. One day, one of his sons wrote a biography of his. Below is the synopsis of the book –
There lived a farmer who inherited some land from his father. He had two wives with whom, he begot seven children. He had some servants to help him in his daily chores. They were such loyal to him that without his knowing itself, they caught a thief who came to their house, thrashed him and sent them away. One day, he had a dispute with one of his neighbours. He sent two of his servants to warn his neighbour with dire consequences,if he didn’t leave the village. The man left the village and his lands were absorbed into the farmer’s. He did the same thing with a few of the villagers and became a terror in the village because of this. A few years later, at the end of the life, he distributed his lands to his sons and retired from active life.
This book has been written in a dead language, which has been dead for some millennia. Some one discovers this and after some years of intense research, translates the book. The translation reads such –
There lived a great ruler who inherited his lands from his father. He had many wives with whom he had seven hundred children. The number of subjects he had is huge. His subjects were such loyal that without the intervention of the king, they drove off innumerable bands of marauders, after punishing them severely. He had a dispute with a very powerful neighbour of his. After careful planning, two of his vassals launched a vicious expedition against the neighbouring king, a consequence of which the neighbour had to abdicate his throne and abscond. He did this with a few of his neighbours, which resulted in him being the most powerful ruler of his age. In the later days of his life, he distributed his lands among his numerous children and left out on a pilgrimage.
This is always possible especially when we talk about dead languages, which should be deciphered. A thuggish householder has been made a world conqueror today and in the same vein, a world conqueror of his age becomes a lowly shepherd bickering with his neighbours. This may be how heroes are born out of obscurity and this may be how the actual rulers are forgotten