Our Sun has gone down
Our Sun has been lost from view
and has left us
in complete darkness
But we know it will return again
that it will rise again
to light us anew
But while it is there in
the Mansion of Silence
Let’s join together, let’s embrace each other
and in the very center of our being hide
all that our hearts love
and we know is the Great Treasure.
Let us hide our Temples
our schools, our sacred soccer game
our youth centers
our houses of flowery song
so that only our streets remain.
Our homes will enclose us
until our New Sun rises.
Most honorable fathers
and most honorable mothers,
may you never forget to guide your young ones
teach your children, while you live
how good it has been and will be.
Until now our beloved Anahuac
sheltered and protected our destinies
that our ancestors
and our parents enthusiastically received
and seeded in our being.
Now we will instruct our children
how to be good
They will raise themselves up and gain strength
and as goodness make real their great destiny
in this, our beloved mother Anahuac.

This is supposed to be his last speech as the king of Mexico by Cuauhtemoc.
To avoid the destruction of Tenochtitlan, the last Aztec king, Cuauhtemoc surrendered himself to Cortes. As with any surrendered king in an imperialist equation, it was found out that the king is plotting to kill him and rebel against the Spanish authority. He was simply hanged after being tortured. Below are the words which Cuauhtemoc is supposed to have said to Cortes when he found out about the plot he ‘hatched’ and the punishment in store for him –
Oh Malinzin [i.e., Cortés]! Now I understand your false promises and the kind of death you have had in store for me. For you are killing me unjustly. May God demand justice from you, as it was taken from me when I entrusted myself to you in my city of Mexico!
Hw was around thirty when he was killed. It is said that Cortes suffered from insomnia because of this act.