Till this day, no one is clear why the First World War is fought, what came out of it, except the slow decay of the British overseas empire and repalcement of the old world order with a newer one. It simply means a politician is replaced by another, but what does it mean to a common man?
It is said that Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, the German Chancellor at the start of the world war wrote a memorandum defining what Germany expected out of First World War. Whether this is a retrospective document after the die is cast, or creative outlet for a frustrated politician, which was at a later date, treated as a serious document, or a piece of propaganda pamphlet for a country which is a geographical focal point for everything, but without resources to maintain the power balance, we can never know.

1.Occupy the French Coast(atleast a major chunk of it), raze the fortresses, ask France for a war indemnity such huge that it can never pay and will completely break the country, make France completely dependent on Germany economically and exclude Britain from the equation.
2.Annex Belgium into Germany, or make it a German vassal, at the least.
3.Annex Luxemburg and give it some lands from Belgium.
4.Create something like a European Union in Central Europe, but being controlled by Germany
5.Create a colonial empire in Central Africa from French and Belgian colonies. Leave out the British.
6.Better not occupy Holland, but make it completely greatful for being a German friend.