Some mathematician by name Prof Dooley created a formula to calculate the age a person should propose to his fiancee. Success rate 37% it seems.

  1. Choose the oldest age by which you want to get married, for example 39.  Call this number ‘n.’
  2. Decide the earliest age at which you’ll start to consider women as potential wives, for example, from 20 onwards. This number becomes ‘p’.
  3. Subtract ‘p’ from ‘n’ (20 from 39) then multiply the result by 0.368.
  4. This gives you 6.992, which you should add to your minimum age (20).
  5. The result of 27 (more or less) is your Optimal Proposal Age.

This number .368 is the output of the equation below.

∑ (n-k)  (n-k-1)  (n-k-2) … (n-k-r+2) x       k        x   (1)
n       (n-1)    (n-2)        (n-r+2)        (n-r+1)      (r-1)