Wrote this for a friend of mine by name Ankit Sharma on his birthday.

Asleep after a tired and bored college day,
Woken up in the middle of night by all,
With sounds of joy booming around,
Happy Birthday to you, my dear friend

It’s time now for the great midnight bash,
Cutting the best cake ever dreamt about,
Revelling in the cream like a naughty child,
All amidst the glory of a new year for you

Life gave you many surprises, good and bad,
That’s not the end of it, many are in store,
This is the day to forget about everything,
To have a day to your own whims and fancies

I pray with zeal, for a bright life ahead,
A life carefree, a life of joy and ebullience,
For this birthday boy on his day of merry,
For this adorable friend from my dreamy past