Gaddafi is dead. When I first heard the news, I immediately remembered the photo of that journalist who was weeping when Saddam Hussein’s capture was announced. First of all, I am an Indian. What I read regarding him is through press. I don’t know him, I don’t know whether people hated him or liked him. Now I am in England. British press is more propaganda oriented than that of Indian.

When a country as soft as India is bound to crack the whip now and then, what are we going to expect in a dictatorship? King Idris was from Cyrenaica and is not a Gaddafi. When the older order is forced to make way to a new one, do you expect him to spend money lavishly on the losers? That’s what Gaddafi did, that’s what Stalin did, that’s what everyone did in the world. The consequence? Dissenment and repression. And if the ruler is an absolute dictator, there are only two results, either the ruler wins and crushes the rebellion brutally or the ruler is kicked out of the country or made to pay for his activities. In all the cases, Gaddafi won. And if a bunch of few whose ancestors opposed Gaddafi started to protest and if Gaddafi tries to crush it as usual, the world didnot stop him, but simply took it as a chance till the time and attacked him. The final case, the West is killing Libyan citizens to save Libyan citizens.

Yes, Gaddafi’s forces can’t kill the rebels, but the rebels can kill Gaddafi’s forces? Are they not Libyans? If a vehicle of Gaddafi is visible, bomb it immediately. Then someone says I am air dropping weapons to save Libyan citizens. Some one else says I am providing arms training, and he is another dictator who suppressed protests in his country. The height of hypocrisy is Gaddafi was kicked out of power. Then is it not Nato’s responsibility to save Gaddafi by bombing the rebels? That was heightened when Sirte was attacked and it was not bending.  Sirte steadfastly stood behind him. Who are the aggressors? Now who will save Gaddafi’s supporters from retribution? Why don’t you simply say that Gaddafi had oil which he is not sharing to us and because of that he will have to pay? Why did you leave Libya in ruins instead of aiming a surgical strike against him and repalce him with someone? No one knows how long it’s going to take to make Libya a place worth living again. See the buildings. See the goveernance. See Iraq. What have we got there except an ever smoldering blaze of destruction?

First of all, are we sure Gaddafi was as big a demon as potrayed? Everyone knows he is mad. As mad as a sane man can be. But, he gave interest free loans, one of the highest per capita incomes to his citizens and he did much development in Africa. There is loyalty for him in god knows how many countries like Niger or Equatorial Guinea. He sent his family out of the country except for his sons who aid him militarily and did not run away from the country even after all this mess. Another quirky thing is the Gaddafi stadium in Lahore.  He said, whatever happens I will die in Libya. When he didnot escape Sirte till the last day well knowing there is no hope, do you want us to believe he was shot dead begging for his life after a mad dash? Till the last day no one knew he was in Sirte. How many heads of state do you expect on current day to stay on a losing battlefield to get killed? None I believe. That is where I commend him as a person. There was a news that the convoy bombed was a diversion so that he can escape. His son was in that convoy and was killed. How many times we see such acts of loyalty for a 70 year old man with no place to hide on the face of the earth? This can’t be terror but only loyalty as he has got nothing to terrorize people with. Atleast he didnot face the ignominy of Saddam or Mubarak…

This is the obituary I publish and this is what people remember in him – I don’t know whether he is good or bad, but he is another human whose life was taken unnecessarily, he was brave to the point of standing up against the western powers alienating both the Soviets and the Americans and outfoxing them for as long as 40 years, he was brave to the point of deciding to die on a battlefield even after he had a choice, he had probably commanded such loyalty from his country that his son who is in prime decided to sacrifice his life to save this old man.