My habit is always to go to Bhadrakali temple in Warangal on Dussehra and do a complete fast on Mahasivarathri. This is the first time in more than a decade I am out of Warangal on Dussehra. Over the last weekend, I was told that the temple in Tooting is very good. As both the festival days are on working days, this is completely discounted. I searched online for a temple of Goddess Shakthi and found one in Ealing. The name is Kanagathurga temple or Kanagathurka temple or some thing of that sort. Seriously, these Tamilians and their sense of spelling…Another nice instance I found is Shenbagaraman should be pronounced as Champakaraman. Forget it, that’s a different story. I got down at West Ealing station, searched for the temple for half an hour and then followed a Tamilian in white lungi to go to the temple. Of the three temples I have been to in London, this is the best. One reason may be that this is a Tamilian temple and I am a South Indian.
Unlike other temples, you can identify this is a Hindu temple from outside. Two pointers, one name explicitly written and the other, a statue of the goddess. The inner setting is a bit peculiar. Poor guys. Probably they don’t have access to do anything in public, it’s a complete temple for Goddess Kanakadurga built inside another building. The Dhwajasthamba is also built into the same room. Sandalwood paste was applied to the goddess, an assortment of dolls which we call Bommala Koluvu in Telugu and everything was as traditional as can be done. Call it law of the land or what ever, the absurdity starts now. The Dhwajasthamba is covered in a plastic cover, in a closed room. When I went there, the ceremonial procession was in progress. They took a round around the main shrine carrying the idol and it’s done. As usual, there will be a bunch of ladies who act as ringleaders for these sort of things, singing and doing whatever. They were sincere but they are Tamilians. What can be done…their phonetics… Chamundeshwari becomes Samundeswari and so on. All things apart, I went to a Shakti temple on Dussehra as a norm and it is also a good one.