Rarely I buy newspapers in England. There are two reasons for that. Number one, if you go to any railway station or a bus station, you will find Metro or Evening Standard free. Number two, the news papers are such huge in size that you will never have time to read them as newspapers full of current affairs, but as a sort of magazine full of articles with which you can pass your time for a long while.
Whatever the reason, I saw an interesting article in Times this Saturday and bought the paper. I haven’t yet completed it. I am still going through it. The editorial, all three articles in it, is sufficiently thought provoking to put forward in ink, some articles in the right sense and some in the wrong one.
The first one is  atirade against nomadic communities and how they are bent on breaking rules. The major argument put forward was the aesthetic sense and not practicality and monetary loss to the society by their occupation of prime land and protest eviction. The editor is bent on saying that their way of life is not a nice sight to see for the passers by and it’s unhygenic, which in itself is a nonsense. One very fine point brought forward in the article and which aptly applies to many communities of the world, a good example being that core of Islam who drag the religion backward in time with their obsolete dogmas – Don’t be in a shell for yourself, come and integrate into the global community. If you are expecting something from the society, reciprocate it. This is actually good for everyone.
The next one, is about how a few Palestinian youth tried to sabotage an Israeli orchestra. Note, the orchestra. Valid point. Some things should be above politics and religion – what makes you happy and comfortable, but not atrocious to someone – music, art et al. Who cares what kind of music is being played, who is playing, it’s just music whic is good to listen. If you treat it as noise, let the person who is listening it complain and not someone who calls it noise because of principle. whether  The relevance ends there. Now the blind support starts. How the jews suffered, how they are still being targetted and how the world is not letting them live in peace. The usual blind support for Israel. Past is past. The past can never be your future. Try to be practical if you want to simulate your past as future. The best bet for a prosperous Israel surviving for a millenium is co-existence with Muslims. Who cares about other countries, Palestinians are your citizens. Either make them happy or neck them out. Don’t keep them subjugated. The next point in the same article, Israel is justified in using force wherever it’s integrity is compromised. What of Gaddafi? What of Assad? One rule for your friend and another for your enemy? This is sheer hypocrisy, polarised at the national level. Instead of being hypocritic to the extent of justifying killing some Libyans(Gaddafi’s soldiers and his family) will save people, why can’t you advocate to kill Gaddafi and replace him with someone in a surgical operation? Today, people will criticize you, but if it’s a successful experimeny, who will remember? Off the topic, will attacking Sirte contravene the UN resolution 1873 and will NATO bomb the rebel army, resulting in the classic monkey and two cats case?
The third one is about that German cow which ran away and none was able to catch.Hey… it’s a cow, one of the softest animals. It is also a living being which cares for it’s children. Why are you justifying that because it is bred for slaughter, that’s it’s fate? Do you advocate the same for a criminal to be shot on sight if he jumps bail(not even escapes prison)? Why is death sentence banned in many countries?
I am an Indian. I know only Indian way of life, it’s social polarization and nothing else. This is a classic case of clash of civilizations. May be this is daily routine for a European, but for an Indian?