Staying in a city which is full of artistic life, it’s a very hard question to answer, especially when you are a sort of Jack of all trades. I have put my hands into poetry, photography, painting and what not. I colect stuff regarding every possible field, even knowing that I won’t use it in any way. My basic problem is my background is Electonics and still, I have not yet come to the terms with the fact that I am working in IT. And I am working in testing. This is nothing to do with the fact that how good you are at the subject, but with the fact that how strong you are logically. My opinion is testing, as a field is to hone up your inquisitive skills and make you more worldly wise. Now coming to the main point. My background is electronics. So I try to open and read books over Electonics basics, bluetooth programming, DIP, nanotechnology and any other. This includes subjects which are not at all related to electronics like Genome technology etc. I am a very big bookworm. This means I read all sorts of stuff and get influenced to catch hold of an obscure field. One classic example is trying to learn very obscure languages. I will find a book over poetry, read it, enjoy it and then try my hand about it  for a few days. Next, I will go to an art gallery. Think of drawing. Then, to some photogenic spot. Same story there. Effectively to say, I try my hand into everything, but not into anything seriously, skipping over subjects.