This list will be updated continually till I reach my mark. Ideas are obviously invited.

Current count – 24


  1. Oyster Cards – London
  2. Places to sit and small gardens everywhere on the foot paths – London
  3.  Buzzers for pedestrians to cross roads. A person can actually press a buzzer and wait for the traffic to stop so that he can cross – London
  4. Pedestrians are given higher priority, next buses then rest of the vehicles – London

Public representation

  1. An MP, who is not a minister, cannot read his speech, even if it involves facts. Atleast, this will make him understand what he is talking about. – British Parliment
  2. An MP cannot address another by his name. He should always address him with the name as his constituency. – British Parliment
  3. A facility to recall a non performing public representative/government by conducting a referendum in his constituency
  4. Introduce none of the above into the ballot paper and if in any constituency, if none of the above gets the maximum votes, can we ban the contestants for the next two full term elections?
  5. Can we ensure that an MP or MLA can contest for no more than 3 times, and no more than once from a constituency? In that case, the only thing he can do to win his elections the next time will be his performance.
  6. It would be be more natural that a parliamentarian would have to resign from parliament should he take on the position of a minister,” Bjarni Kristinn Torfason suggested on the council’s webpage for creating a new constitution for Iceland. Logical. Why should an MP take an additional role of developing his constituency when the focus is on larger things?
  7. If perjury is valid under Judiciary, why is it not under Legislature? There should be a penalty if a political party doesn’t implement what it said in it’s election manifesto. Say, for example, in all the constituencies the party won. it cannot contest in the next elections.
  8. Written test for the post of minister
  9. There should be two shadow cabinets, one from the major oppositon and one from rest all opposition parties combined and they should constructively interfere when a bill is passed.
  10. If an MP gets elected from more than one constituency, he should pay from his pocket for re-election of the place from which he resigned.
  11. Alaskan model: The state of Alaska takes a quarter of the money it makes on oil leases and royalties and puts it in an investment portfolio. This portfolio then pays a dividend, each year, to every Alaskan citizen. This effectively means give the citizen his share of country’s income.
  12. A qualification criterion for a public representative – education or whatever
  13. How can a person who lost public mandate decide the future of the same public by employing a back door entry? There are many Indian politicians who lost elections for Lok Sabha but are currently members of Rajya Sabha.
  14. why is there no rule in place to ensure that all the bills pending in that session will be closed in that session itself, just like the election of a pope where unless a pope is elected, the lock for the room where election happens won’t be opened?
  15. Lokpal Debate in India – Ram jethmalani’s speech was for 28 minutes and of which around 10 minutes was lost due to the disturbances. Why should common people pay for that ten minutes? Instead of that why is the session not extended for some extra days without pay for the time lost as a penalty?


  1. Remove the concept of Income Tax. Instead, increase Sales Tax by this much percentge. That means, the person is not paying on what he earns, but what he spends. Whatever a person does he will have to spend money to live. – This was said by a person in Nagpur Station to me during a random discussion


  1. London Blue Plaque Scheme

Income for government

  1. Postal dept is contracted to transport warehouse stock. That means it can never see loss of money. – London
  2. No statue of a person should be established till the completion of thirty years of his death. If he is such a great person, people will remember him. It’s just eulogizing a politician and nothing more.


  1. Let the heads of the country be exempted from the bill, only when they are in power and rest all the citizens of India be under it, whether he may be the head of CBI or the Defence minister of India. The head of the country is the public face of India for the world. And hence, don’t shame it. How irritable it may be, but we’ll have to face it. That means President, Prime Minister, Vice President(Active President) and CJI Supreme Court(Acting President). And don’t forget the fact that before being reelected, the prime minister should resign as Prime minister and hence, he will be in purview of Lokpal for that five minister. And if the a case is filed in those five minutes, he can’t become the prime minister unless he is proved innocent in that.